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    Green Day live at O2 Academy Brixton in London, England (August 21, 2013) (x)

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    i love you dr zaius

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  3. This baby finally came in the mail today! #greenday #vinyl #minority #adeline


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    Top 5 sex positions

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    omg I freaking love this

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  6. My whole life it has always felt that nearly every relationship I have with people, I feel like i’m the one who cares way more than they do.


  7. Sad story time…



    When I liked Sailor Moon in elementary school, I was bullied a lot because people thought I was nerdy or whatever. However, in middle school I met a few people who liked anime (like Pokemon, Inuyasha, CCS) but didn’t care much for Sailor Moon. BUT, during the middle of 7th grade I met this girl who loved Sailor Moon so much ore than me holy cow. She had all the songs downloaded and knew all the words to the songs, episodes, movies, etc. She was so obsessed— I loved it! She made me a CD of her favorites (The Real Sugar Baby was my jam man) and gave me my first Sailor Moon plushie. 

    While I loved the inner senshi, she loved the outer. Her favorite by far was Uranus. However, one day she told me she needed to stop talking to me. Her mom threw away all of her Sailor Moon material and banned her from watching it or buying merch or listening to songs because she found out Uranus and Neptune were lesbians, which, according to her mom, was against their religion. Apparently I was a bad influence on her because I liked the show too. She didn’t want her daughter hanging around someone who liked Sailor Moon, and thus we just ended our friendship. 

    I always think about this girl, because she was the first person to be my first Sailor Moon friend. It makes me sad that she loved the show so much, so much more than I think I ever could, and had it taken away from her at such a young age. I wish I could get in contact with her but I can never remember her last name. I wonder how she is doing now and if she was ever able to love the show again, or if she grew up completely forgetting she loved Sailor Moon at all. 

    Ah… now I’m sad. I still wonder why her mom treated her, and me, that way, when we both just loved a children’s show. I understand people have their beliefs, but remembering how sad and emotional she was when she told me we couldn’t be friends after hanging out with each other almost every day for a year and after sharing our love for the same thing we were both teased over all while losing her precious keepsakes really breaks my heart. 

    :( That definitely is sad. But you know, I’m sure she stayed a fan of Sailor Moon, deep down. Now that she’s all grown up like you she’s probably real psyched about Crystal like the rest of us!

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    When glass breaks, the cracks move at around 3000 Miles per hour!! (4500km/h!) That’s why, even in slow motion, the main cracks in the glass appear virtually instantly as the hammer hits.

    This is actually quite mesmerizing.

    This is quite appropriate showing up on my dash tonight.  

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    I might not be cute but at least my underwear is

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    never forget

    its fine

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    I wonder which Fandom can be summoned first


    No, that wasn’t really suprising.

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    I love myself because nobody else will

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